Cosmic Woman Tarot Deck by Lisa Junius


The Cosmic Woman Tarot Deck is a stunningly beautiful card deck, illustrated by Lisa Junius, who is known for her blue goddess artworks.

Cosmic Woman Tarot helps you to find your inner goddess, aligning with the universe & diving into dream & imagination & connection to nature.

This is a complete 78-card deck, with fold-out instructions & comes in a sturdy box.

More details:

* Complete 78-card deck
* Made in Belgium
* Weight: 362.9 g (12.8 oz)

About Lisa Junius: Lisa Junius is an artist, illustrator and designer from Luxembourg. She is known for her blue goddess artworks. She creates beautiful cosmic paintings and unique pieces with a mostly blue colour palette, inspiring “calmness, strength, inner power and a connection to the natural” (Lisa Junius).

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