* NEW * Selenite Spheres

£3.00 - £4.00

Beautiful Selenite spheres, now available in two sizes.

IMPORTANT: Please do not get Selenite wet as it is a soft stone and may dissolve.

~ Selenite is a great crystal to put by your bed or under your pillow & promotes: ~

* a sense of comfort, peace & upliftment
* dissolving of stagnant or negative energy
* intuition, meditation and psychic protection

While each crystal is a unique, natural mineral object, the approximate size of these Selenite crystals is:
25-35 mm - small
& 40 mm - large.

A crystal will be chosen at random from the crystals we have available.

APOLOGIES: Due to recent changes to packaging laws in France and Germany, we cannot ship to these countries. Any orders from France or Germany made in error will be cancelled and refunded in full.